When you have a friend that's serious friends is it normal if

If you have serious friend is it normal if you don't have to go with them for something important like dentist doctor even if they have time and then you go take cab back home with them they are okay but it's not really that bad you know I don't know what to do when this happens

Is it normal?

Is It Normal?
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  • *looks around at other users

    What the fuck was he talking about.

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  • I think I understand what you mean but I'm not sure.

    A lot depends on where you're from. Where I am from it isn't normal to go with a friend to a medical appointment. Normally it's private. Maybe if they have a big accident or a serious illness and they really need a second person there, and no family can be with them, a close friend could fill that role instead of a family member.

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  • Your writing will be much easier to read if, when you would normally pause to take a breath, you use a '.'

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