Whats the worst you ever had to pee?

Just a random question.for me it was problaby when stuck in a car for 5h with no stops

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  • If you have to pee so bad that when you do finally get to that it feels better than the first time you had sex (with another person) then that's pretty bad.

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  • Only the weak pee. I haven't peed since '89

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  • Im a truck driver so I cant tell theres been so msny times.

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  • in recent memory?

    prolly drinkin a buncha beer at the airport and havin the urge to pee just about the time they closed the door on the plane

    then havin to sit through pushback taxi takeoff and climb to cruisin altitude before i could get up and pee

    once that was taken care of i ordered a beer and a shot from the liquor cart

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