What would you say: is that health at normal?

Somewhat neglected appearance. Smell of sweat. Dress style sporty, simple, unobtrusive. Disheveled, stringy hair. In contact friendly, shy, avoiding eye contact. Speech depletion. Voice at an inconspicuous volume, the speech modulation appears monotonous. Speech rate slowed down by hesitant, recurring pauses in speech, lisping in articulation. Somnolent, yet conscious. Fully oriented to all qualities. Subjectively moderate, objectively slight short-term memory disorders. Long-term memory subjectively and objectively unremarkable. 1 of 3 terms is remembered after 10 minutes, an additional one with assistance. Subjectively and objectively mild concentration disorders. Conception in conversation noticeably reduced. Clear concretism in the proverb test. Verbigerations. Brooding. Stalling thoughts. Imagination and association. Neologisms. Formal thinking slightly slowed down. Acoustic hallucinations with the hearing of dialoguing voices. Akoasms. Visual hallucinations. Tactile hallucinations in the sense of cenesthesia Individual seemingly delusional utterances or expressions that still can be partially distanced. Partly suspicious questioning during exploration, but no explorable delusion. Thought inspiration. Derealization experience. Sociophobic fears. Recurring worry about everyday situations. Mood subjectively depressed, sad, desperate. Feeling of inner emptiness. Mood objectively moderately depressed, indifferent. Moderately reduced ability to vibrate affectively. Drive moderately reduced. Feeling of easy exhaustion. Moderately severe reduction of interest. Psychomotoric inconspicuous. Disease insight and willingness to treat given.

I'm not so sure about it. Btw I'm learning this so this isn't me or someone I know perfectly well. I think it is some form of psychosis.

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  • Is this your psychiatric evaluation? If you're evaluating another person, I would at least separate this into signs (what you've observed) and symptoms (what the patient or their family has described). And write full paragraphs. Sounds like a psychotic episode. It could be a symptom of a disorder, e.g. a type of schizophrenia. Ask them to get checked out. If you're worried about them harming themselves or others, then call your local healthcare service to give you advice, I don't know how your country handles mental illness callouts. This person is suffering.

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  • Is this a psychiatric diagnosis?

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  • Paragraphs will help you out bud.

    Tldr: I'm assuming your are like the rest of the socially awkward people that flock to this site.

    So for IIN it's normal. Rest of the population probably not.

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  • What kinda stream of consciousness stuff is this?

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