What would you do if your child came out as transgender?

I’m having serious dysphoria at the moment. I want to come out to my family and tell them that I am transgender but I am very scared of what they’ll think of me and if they’ll still love me, i was wondering what you would do if your child came out as trans?

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  • How old are you?

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  • I would give them a big huge. I want to be a loving mum. So ofcorse I'd accept this. I would want my child to talk openly about it.
    I'd ask how long have they been feeling like that for..
    Are they 100% sure they want to go through with it...

    I would support them in any way I can!

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  • If they don't accept you for who you are then they don't deserve you.

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  • Honestly if my son told me he wanted to be transgender I'd be devastated. That's not the popular answer but I'd probably start crying like a lil girl

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  • How they react would depend on their thoughts on the matter. Try to figure out what they think of transgender people in a way unrelated to you. Maybe make up that you had a friend of a friend who you met that was trans and you don't know what to think, and then ask your parents what they think. If they despise trans people, I would just hide it as long as you can and plan on them never knowing. Depending on how reliant on them or how often you see them would determine your chances of getting away with it. If they are indifferent about it you can tell them, even though it would still be awkward.

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