What would u do

If u got handed a billion dollars by Elon Musk and he said yo spend it on whatever, what would you buy or do with the money?

Dont try to be a nice guy and pretend you would give it away. Im not trying to hear lies.

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  • id buy a fleeta private jets and continuously drop used dildos on every major metropolitan center around the world until im outta money

    then id do the same shit i do now

    maybe id save an extra 400 bucks for triscuits

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  • I'd keep 10 million, set my life up the way I want and give the rest back to Elon Musk.
    He is working on making us a spacefaring race. He needs as much resources as possible. I firmly believe science is the answer to our problems.

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  • 1 Buy a lake
    2 Build a house by it
    3 Buy a boat
    4 Buy every Yu-gi-oh card
    5 Buy an Xbox series x or PS5
    6 Buy an UHD TV
    7 Buy a lifetime supply of beer
    8 Buy the highest quality fishing poles

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  • Pay off loans. Build a cabin on the lake and travel. Then I'd just kinda go around like Shaq does and do good deeds for people that need it

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  • First things first id sell my wife into slavery.

    (I joke)
    id buy a massive mansion somewhere on a tropical island. Id employ hookers to live there and keep the place up with a nice salary. Id also make sure they didnt speak english and the only word they knew in english was "yes".

    Then id buy the baddest private jet around equipped with parachutes for everyone.

    Id buy another mansion in east Tennessee near the kentucky/virginia border where theres nothing but mountains for like 100 square miles. Id turn the mountains into dirt bike trails for four wheelers. Maybe buy a tank. Put a nuclear bunker in a mountain somewhere with 100 years of food and space for hookers. Id remove their vocal chords so they can not nag 'er um "communicate".

    id buy hundreds of pounds of cocaine and enough whiskey to flood an entire city. Id build myself a massive gym and probably get on steroids. Id go to cambodia and spread out a million bucks to the locals that I liked. Idk probably try to do something for kids like build a massive park with all the cool stuff. Give the wife abunch of money to do whatever she wanted.

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  • I think I’d like to go travelling.

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  • This is a long one, but:

    I'd pay off the mortgage in full, remove my name from the deed, and let my parents do what they want with the house. Co signing with people with victim complexes who can't afford to do shit for themselves because "family" was probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done in my life. Paying half the mortgage every month to a place I don't live in anymore is a waste of time too.

    Once that's squared off, I'd move far away with my boyfriend to a small house somewhere down South, preferably a small town with a small population that isn't ghetto. I'd pay off his six figure college debt and let him get all the things he wants.

    Then I'd get a breastlift. I used to be over 200 pounds and my breasts lost their natural lift when I lost the extra pounds. I'm tired of relying on push up bras to make them look normal.

    I'd go back to being an On Demand Team Member at my job. Seriously, I miss that shit. There were so many open shifts I practically got to choose when I worked, where I worked, and for how long. It was great for when I came back from my work injuries, so it'll probably be good enough for working part time. I can't say I'd completely quit my job because when I was staying home recovering from my injuries, I was so stir crazy that I was counting the OSHA violations in the juice factory level of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

    On the topics of video games and injuries, I'd have my own personal arcade and I'd probably look into a permanent fix for my back and SI joint problems and I'd look for a permanent fix for my boyfriend's back and knee issues.

    I'd probably start owning pigeons and chickens again too. I miss having birds. Another Alaskan Husky would be nice as well.

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    • How did you lose the weight?

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      • Back when I was fat, I only had 4 hour work days, and sat on my ass for most of the day playing my video games while eating whole cakes, pizza, or pretty much the entire contents of anything.

        I hated how I looked, so I stopped overeating, started doing exercises from a youtube channel called Fitness Blender, and started working more hours. I also went cold turkey on sugar and ate more foods with fiber and protein. It took five years to slim down. Most of my body came out fine aside from the chest. XD

        I kind of stopped eating healthy recently. I really got to start again. My job and my exercises are probably the only reason I haven't gotten fat again. XD

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        • It happens dude my wife breastfed and shes gonna get a breast lift as well when we have the baby. Thats cool that you kept the will power to do it over 5 whole years. Dont go to the grocery store hungry and dont even buy any junk food.

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  • I’m taking don’t eat of the sidewalk and weird guys wife and we’ll make a nice little farm and I’ll smoke cigarettes and pet the dingo on my wrap around porch.

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  • by my own strip club business

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  • Buy a soundproof condo in Vancouver with a janitor, learn drums, learn bagpipes, buy a boat, eat in restaurants 3 times a day, go to the casino everyday, get drunk all day, and go to iceland.
    And die happily

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  • I would definitely hire pornstars. Its nice because you know what ur gonna get right away.

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  • That's a tough one, TBH!

    I actually would probably split some of it with my family and close friends and donate to a few charities, as I'm not sure what I'd do with that amount of money. I'd probably also invest some, and maybe pay my house off with it (though I've always heard it's best not to pay off a house too soon, and I got a very low fixed interest rate when I bought, so I'm not sure about that one).

    I'm not sure what kind of splurges for myself I'd make though, as I'm a simple person who doesn't really have the desire to "have it all". I have about everything I need and much of what I want at the moment.

    Years ago, I would've wanted to build a big horse farm with a nice indoor arena, but I'm out of the horse world now and have absolutely no desire to deal with the 24/7 stress of owning or caring for that many horses (nor dealing with boarders if I decided to go that route) and a huge property to maintain.

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    • With a billion dollars you should pay your house off because u dont need credit. You got so much money it doesnt matter. And if you had q horse farm you could pay for a chic to run the horse farm herself even jerk off every horse once a day. Your horses could have gold chains around their necks and live the high life. 6ou dont need to do anything.

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  • Not create electric cars against all odds, or make space travel better than every government, i would fw Amber Heard.

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  • 1: live like a king

    2 Philanthropy

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  • Buy a house, a couple of cars, a few puppies, take a cruise around the world and try to visit every European Country, swim with the dolphins, adopt a few children and give them the best life.

    I'd also set up a fertility fund for young women (20-40) who have beat endometrial pre-cancer/cancers as I have to give them a baby.

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  • Buy 100 acres of land in the middle of the mountains.
    Build a house made out of solid concrete, lead & titanium.
    Buy or build a gas/electric hybrid 4 wheel drive Jeep & bulletproof it.
    Buy 50 solar panels & build 10 windmills.
    Buy 100 closet sized batteries.
    Buy 20 greenhouses.
    Buy some cattle, sheep, goats & pigs.
    Have some stem cell therapy.
    If I have any left I'll give it to my loved ones.

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  • Go on a tour to North Korea

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  • Buy a farm house with a barn in a rural area.Farm animals, a swimming pool,An RV and a Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

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