What would be your “last meal” request before dying?

If you were given knowledge that you were doomed for death tommorrow, what would your “Last Meal” be that you would want to remember having before death? I know people even on Death Row in Jail get to eat a last meal? What would yours be? Mine would maybe be like a restaraunt like maybe Dominos Pizza or Pizza Hut or some kind of pizza place maybe??

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  • Medium rare ribeyw steak
    Smoked salmon
    Blueberry pancakes
    A bunch of berries and pineapple
    Cookie dough icecream

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  • My boyfriends dick. Why have a ladt meal when you can fuck one last time instead

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  • A large buffalo chicken ranch pizza with steak fries, a small bag of salt and vinegar chips, and a bottle of Pepsi. Plus one oatmeal raisin cookie.

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  • Prime ribeye steak with extra fat and A1 sauce
    A chicken quesadilla with all the fixings
    Cod loin
    Stuffed crust pizza
    All the Coca Cola
    French fries
    Ice cream
    Cheese cake
    Pasta dishes

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  • Sushi, sashimi and caviar.

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  • Coffee with espresso, stuffed crust pizza, noodles with chicken and veggies, a big pan of chicken wings, stumbled eggs with melted cheese and bacon, and water

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  • A stacked ham n' cheese melt, with american, swiss, and pepper jack. Next to that, a large bowl of heavily-seasoned potato wedges half-covered in cheese (it doesn't matter what kind, I love all cheeses, surprise me), and a cup of lemonade. And, to top it off, a single packet of cheese sandwich crackers to munch on on my way to the electric chair (or lethal injection or whatever).

    My tastes are not high-class, but if you can get Gordon Ramsey to cook all this stuff for me, that would be great.

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  • Shrimp tempura sushi
    Chicken lo mein noodles
    Lobster ravioli
    A cheese pizza
    A bacon cheeseburger
    Vanilla soft serve ice cream on a cone with rainbow sprinkles
    Chocolate Cupcakes
    Boston Cream Donuts
    Strawberry Pop-Tarts
    A triple chocolate milkshake

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  • The souls of those who have wronged me

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  • A literal bag of dicks

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  • Cake with a handgun and a bunch of grenades

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  • The most expensive thing I can get and then not eat it.

    Fuck everyone else when they set a price range.

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  • Human meat.

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  • Chocolate oats with raisins, banana and cinnamon.

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  • The last meal that John Wayne Gacy had.

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    • Wasn’t his like just fried chicken or something? Like KFC or some kind of fried chicken but don’t know where they got it from???

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  • Trdelník.
    I had one when I was in Czech Republic and have been looking for one ever since, no one does them over here in Aus. It’s the best thing I ever ate, and would like to eat it again before I die

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