What would be the most embarrassing thing for you?

Curious what different people find embarrassing. The most embarrassing thing that could happen to me would probably be shitting my pants in front of a bunch of strangers.

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  • I remember having a conversation with a work colleague at work about a couple who frequented the shop, I was unaware they were actually behind me in the shop at the time, in earshot. The conversation wasn’t flattering. I died inside. The thing was that the colleague didnt know the couple I was referring to, so as they came to the counter he kept trying to persist with the conversation.
    That’s probably the most embarrassing thing, honestly.

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  • Finding out I'm not as physically attractive as people treat me and that I'm actually a crazy schizophrenic stuck in a padded cell imagining the whole thing.

    Embaressing, but also a hilarious idea. xD

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  • Me not being able to lift heavy objects would be embarrassing

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  • My most embarrassing moment was grabbing a girl’s ass in front of the class in high school because I thought it would be a funny response to her trying to yank my pants down in the hallway.

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  • Why, they wouldn’t even see it unless it was runny and soaking through your pants.

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  • I dont really get embarrassed around strangers. I think the most embarrassing thing would be taking the wrong trailer at work, which is possible and does happen to ppl. I always triple check the trailer numbers incase.

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  • Finding out that I do gaming as a pastime as I keep what I do as a pastime a secret to people in real life.

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  • Some of the shit I've done during my partying days coming out would be pretty embarrassing...

    Then again maybe not I don't regret a thing. It was fun.

    Yeah actually now that I think about it I don't really care about that.

    I'm gonna saying pissing myself in public.

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    • I feel like pissing the bed with someone is way worse than pissing your pants in public.

      So yeah. I’ll go with the times I’ve pissed on peoples couches blacked out. If I think of any better, I’ll edit. Lol

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      • Yeah pissing yourself is super unclassy lol

        I think I've only done it once.

        I drank like a gallon of water because I knew I'd be drinking a lot that day.

        I got so drunk that I couldn't even stand anymore because, well, y'know, peer pressure.

        I got carried to a sleeping bag annnd drunkenly pissed myself in my sleep.

        Yeah I limit my water intake to just enough to stay hydrated when I drink now.

        But I'd rather do that then piss myself in front of a few dozen people and have to walk through a crowd with obviously pissed in clothes.

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