What was the silliest thing you did that made you fell evil?

Like when you eat kit kat in a different way and everyone says that you are doing wrong, then you just evilly smile felling evil over something silly.
Basic doing something stupid and felling like a genius villan

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  • I tore off the "Do not remove under penalty of law tag" on the new mattress my parents got and I laughed like a maniac!

    My mom thought I was crazy and very childish. Full evil laughter, holding the tag like it's the head of my most hated enemy! XD

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  • When this weirdo asked me if I had ever killed anyone, and I almost said, "not yet", to be a smart-ass, but I thought better of it.

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  • Once I was talking, and at some point of the conversation I mentioned "communism"

    Then a kid that was near by asked what communism was, at first I was going to give a simple explanation about it, but then I decided to say that is a synonym of the word "cool", that this was like a fancier way to say cool

    The kid just said something like "I am cool", then you are communism I replied

    After some time I left the area. Now I just imagine the kid comming to the parents saying something like: "I am communism", I really hope this kid said it with full capitalist parents, or that I created a future commie, that would be really cool.

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  • I poured the milk before the cereal at breakfast time.

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  • I recently put a dog treat on my robotic vacuum to desensitize my dog. The ensuing madness was downright villainous, and hilarious to watch.

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  • Silly and evil don't equate.

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  • I don’t feel evil, if I did, it wouldn’t be.

    Mull that over.

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  • I made a joke utauloid using someone's art of themselves that they edited into my art and she was bullying me and being a bitch so I used her picture she drew of herself, and made it the icon for the utau. And I made it sound as stupid as possible. I named it Bakayaro Spasmoloid which means stupid idiot in Japanese.
    Another time there was this bitch who claimed to be the female version of Michael Jackson even though she was a garbage singer, and she was trying to say she was better than me and posted hate comments on my MJ covers on Youtube, so what'd I do? I created a new channel called Micheal Jakson and sang his songs badly on purpose, making fun of her, basically it's like a character that's an MJ impersonator but he sings really bad and I always draw him as a stick figure and spell the names of the songs wrong on purpose.

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  • I kill the fruit flies in my apartment simply because they annoy me. I make traps by putting my fruit stones into plastic food packaging that I'd otherwise have put in the bin, and sealing them with cellophane, with a few little holes in the top. Other times I just swipe at the insects with my hands. I feel a rush of satisfaction when I finally manage to catch/kill some fruit flies, and I like watching how they behave and trying to think of more efficient and less resource-intensive ways of exterminating them. For example, they evade wet hands less easily than dry hands, and before entering new traps they sort of hang out around the edges, waiting for the go-ahead from the other flies. Then I realise I just derived satisfaction and intellectual stimulation from plotting the demise of and killing innocent living things, and I feel bad.

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    • Fruit flies though are probably are too simple to feel pain. They are small enough where anything would kill them so having pain as a sense probably isnt included in their sensation package.

      Imagine them like they are just simple robots, unlike higher animals they lack awareness of what's happening beyond their immediate circumstances.

      Heck I think plants would have a better sense of a situation than fruit flies.

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  • I teach English as a foreign language to 10- and 11-year-olds in a middle school in Europe. I did rollcall one morning and saw that a kid had decorated his name sign with a pattern that looked distinctly like a swastika. I panicked, wanting to be a responsible teacher but not knowing what to say.

    I didn't want to humiliate or worry the boy, or accuse him of wrongdoing when the pattern might have been innocent. So, while the class was in the middle of an activity, I went up to him quietly and expressed interest in the pattern, and asked why he had opted for that particular one. He said it was inspired by the shape of the lines in the squares on the paper he'd used. I then asked if he had studied the Second World War in History class yet. He said no. I thought 'oh, shit', took a very deep breath and tried to get my words together. Up until now he had never heard of the Nazis and the swastika was an innocent pattern to him. By telling him, I was about to destroy this blissful ignorance. I felt guilty of corrupting a child.

    Basically, I said that that pattern is the symbol of a very evil organisation connected to WWII and that he wouldn't want to put it next to his name - and that in his own time, he might want to do some research about the war to understand why. At this point I thought, 'Oh no - what have I done? I don't want him to get curious, stumble across a load of neo-Nazi propaganda on the internet and then decide to become one!!'. I said that the best thing to do to avoid getting into trouble with other adults would be to change the pattern into something else - maybe a flower, or something like that.

    Next lesson I saw that he had a flower on his name card instead. I said that it looked much better and breathed an inward sigh of relief.

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  • Lots of things.

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  • Some possum was getting in my trash constantly and dragging it all over the yard and I ran outside with a shotgun and blasted him. Felt bad about it

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  • Served food to rude, discusting customers that had unmentionable things done to it.

    Don't think I regret it, I know I didn't at the time. Probably should.

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