What sounds do you find annoying?

The following are a few off the top of my head:

#1. Crying babies
#2. The cutting and grinding of metal
#3. That microphone feedback sound that some idiots giving speeches make worse by not quickly adjusting the position they're standing in.

What about you guys, what sounds do you particularly find annoying?

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  • whining kids need to be smacked around more.

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  • I actually can’t stand nails on a chalkboard it makes something in me feel really weird. Kind of a cliche answer but ya know.

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  • Loud eaters.

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  • The sound a TV makes when it goes out of tune. I can only describe it as two robots rubbing uglies. It is an electronic wet sound like robot uglies extruding juices all over each other in orgasmic bliss.

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  • People blasting loud music when I'm trying to sleep and the second one I hate the most is ice cream truck sounds.

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  • Saliva 'clicking' noises in videos and podcasts.
    - Ruthie

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  • There’s this big fat dude that plays the bass at my bar. What you would think are the sounds of his hands sliding up and down the strings, is really his terrible breathing. Revolting.

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  • All of yours irritate me as well. One I really can't stand though, is that stupid "shhh" noise people make trying to quiet others. Drives me up the WALL. This combined with a screaming baby is pure hell (and the babies must not like the sound any more than I do, because they just screech louder most of the time when their parent is practically spitting in their face trying to overpower the crying with "SHHH!!! SHHH!!!" It's even worse when it's a whistly shush. *Shudders*

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