What should i do in this situation

Hi everyone please don’t call me crazy as this is so serious and I’ve had enough.
So ever since I changed my number and moved into my first student accommodation the room above me have been watching my phone.
Now I’m not too sure how but they have been seeing everything I am doing on my phone through theirs. I knew this as they would copy everything I would do on my phone. For example if I was writing out a text message they would read what I was writing.
They did the same with my college laptop too with all my college work which completely distracted me. Read out assignments having me fail my course.
This never happened until I moved into student accommodation. My first one of course.
Since then they have been following me as I would be then hearing them in every room above me in a house I was would go to.
When I then moved from my first student accommodation to my Nannys the same thing happened the copying everything I was saying and the continuing of reading my texts internet searches out loud so that I could hear them etc.
This is not in my head as it has not happened until I moved into student accommodation. It has continued and not stopped since.
Now I’m not sure if they have followed me to other houses or gotten other people but I’m pretty sure it has been them as I’m very good at distinguishing voices.
I have gotten help they think I’m crazy!
There’s just no end to it the constant mimicking and talking to one another about what I am doing on my phone.
There are 3 young people.
They constantly call me sick, make fun of my dead relatives and follow me around my apartment and listen into my sexual life and make disgusting comments. Sick I know🤢🤢
I have not got a clue what to do they stay up at the same times as me, mention my every move while being asleep and they do not sleep. If I was to move while beginning to get to sleep they would mention that. “She moved, she scratched her nose”
I know they do be following me because when I get back to my room from being out they say ooo she went here or she said this to such and such.
I don’t know who these people
are everyone I tell thinks I’m crazy but I know exactly that I’m not that this hasn’t happened until I changed my number and started getting 2nd hand phones.
My man’s fella says maybe they have hacked, others think it’s monitoring but guards have said it’s not them (the guarda themselves) and I’m not in any way illegal so there is no reason for me to be watched like this.
Please help a girl out because I am sick of this and have no idea what to do. Except Mabye end my life without any notice because there is nothing I can do.
Also I have asked them to stop, they don’t care.
And have continued now nearly 2 years.
I am scared when I move to my new house they will follow as I want privacy and nothing but to be left alone.
They said it’s because I watched this movie and orphan?? But so has half the world and their not being ‘watched or stalked why me?!’

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  • Get away from them. Physically distance yourself so they cannot possibly talk to you

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  • Quit ignoring it by getting a new phone. These are predators and they have made you sick enough to make you think about suicide. Kill or be killed

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  • When you say they're copying everything you do, how do you know that if you don't have eyes on their phone as well?

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