What should i do in this situation?

I have one very close and best friend. We've known each other long enough. We have common interests. We always help each other whenever possible. Sometimes it seems to me that I have done much more for him than he has for me. I really appreciate him. Before that, he told me that he also considers me his best friend. But today, during our conversation, he said that I might not be up to the best friend. How should I behave in this situation?

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  • I agree should be mutual

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  • First off, if you are best friends why are you keeping count of he did what for who ? Being best friends is more than keeping score on who did what for who. Get past that part first then work on the rest of your friendship.

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  • Respond in kind? If he withdraws, ...you withdraw?

    Like why bother if he doesn't make an effort for you. I don't understand.

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