What should i do about my mental health?

I want validation that there is something in my brain making me this way but I'm scared to. I feel like I have at least some sort of depression and maybe anxiety. I just don't know what to do to prove to myself that I'm not just whining ya know. I could got to the councillor but she seems so fake and I don't think it'll help. Especially since there are things I can't tell her about anyways. I can't just float around this meaningless void feeling like I'm just a cry baby one minute and another feeling like I have a literal illness. I can't get anything done. Part of me thinks everyone feels this way so why bother, I'm just another stupid teenager influenced into thinking this way. But idk. I'm kinda at a loss. At a spinning door that's open on all ends but I'm too terrified to go anywhere but somewhere familiar. Leaving has failed before. Even just a foot out those doors has had me falling. Scared and feeling exposed.

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  • give it a try at least then you'll know if it helps or not and can try other options

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  • If you scrape your knee, you do not anguish over the wound but heal it. If you feel you're troubled and can't process something, you reach out for help. Even if something is wrong with you, even if nothing is wrong with you, you shouldn't let familiar fear stop you from exploring the possibility.

    A councilor isn't always the right person to talk to, especially if you think you can't be honest with them or don't trust them. You won't know that for sure if you don't try though.

    I've tried 1001 ways to come to grips with my own situation before I finally went to a doctor and got well. It can be impossible to feel like you're making the right choice when you feel uncertain or obligated, but ultimately the choice is yours.

    You stop feeling afraid when you own your choice and stop looking for validation outside, instead looking for help and caring about yourself. Calling your pain whining, calling yourself a cry baby is shaming yourself. Even imagined pain is real to us and needs to be processed. It's why watching suffering with empathy is hard. It's why being alone with nothing bad happening can still feel like spiraling.

    Care about yourself and whatever you choose, just be at peace with it.

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