What should a guy do if girls flirt with him if in relationship?

What should a man do if he is in a relationship and women come on to him? For more context... What is the girl was in a relationship herself, and flirted with a guy that she knew was in a relationship regardless

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  • Just ignore it. If they persist then try to find some way of mentioning your girlfriend so they'll know to stop.

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  • Say something like, "I don't think my girlfriend would appreciate that", and then ignore the stupid bitch.

    For the most part I'm not much of a flirt so I tend to just ignore most people who flirt with me unless it's a gay man, or a guy I find attractive. If it's someone younger I kind of laugh, and take it more in stride.

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  • Umm...he should do, you know...nothing?

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  • Obviously not flirt back. Probably best to say you’re in a relationship and ignore the bitch. Usually when girls approach my boyfriend he gives them a dirty look and walks away.

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  • Strike her firmly and call her a stupid bitch.

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  • 1. Ignore and make it obvious you are taken.

    2. Get her info so in the event you get dumped you can get with her.

    3. Discuss open relationship with existing gf and see if she can be your FWB.

    4. Break up with your current gf to be with her instead. Pretty shallow tbh.

    5. Cheat with her and be a piece of garbage.

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