What series have you recently watched?

Snowpiercer and Altered Carbon for me. Before that I caught up on Arrow and Sherlock.

And what do you guys think of all these superhero series coming out lately? I'm kinda sick of them already.

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  • Juat watched Search Party and Dead to Me. Rewatching Ozark.

    Never been big on superhero shit. Probably why I liked The Boys so much.

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  • Beast stars on netflix. Seemed interesting and 6 hours later I felt not accomplished but not guilty either.

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  • A Spanish comedy series called "the new neighbors", or La que se avecina in Spanish...

    It's a bunch of crazy idiots, neighbors living in a flat, being absolutely insane and dramatic in a very stereotypical spaniard way. Very stupid characters, cheesy humor... I love it!

    It's "the Room" of the TV world.

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  • i havent seen anythin appealin so ive been watchin mash reruns

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  • I just started watching Grimm and it's pretty good so far

    This guy, pretty tragically, discovers his bloodline battles demons who pose as regular humans

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  • Hannibal, which was cool until the third season. And Hightown on starz which was actually pretty dope.

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  • I found the premise of Snowpiercer so ridiculously illogical and the allegory so heavy-handed that I only got through about fifteen minutes of the first episode.

    I thought Sherlock was very good, but it's been a while since I watched it, and I don't have any pressing urge to see it again. Arrow was meh for me.

    I agree that superheroes are getting a little old now. I thought The Boys was a hilarious twist of the genre and probably a good guess of what people with superpowers would actually be like and how their existence would affect society as a whole. I'm currently re-watching Doom Patrol along with my twelve-year-old daughter, and she's really enjoying all the WTF moments. Preacher is another sorta-superhero series I really liked, although there's stuff in that which is totally unsuitable for a kid her age.

    I also enjoyed Altered Carbon, and I've recently finished re-watching Watchmen along with my daughter. I found it just as good the second time through as it was the first. If you haven't seen The Expanse, you might want to check it out. It's probably the most technically and scientifically accurate depiction of what life in outer space would be like that's ever been depicted on film (my only quibble being that I'm sure spaceships wouldn't have as much interior space as the sets do), and the possible political consequences of humans colonising Mars and further afield are plausible.

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