What's your most twisted joke?

What're your short twisted/sick joke?

Any "Mad people" or comedian can make "twisted humor".

It gotta be something that make viewer "GASP" like :O

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  • A teenage girl goes up to her dad and says "Dad can I have some money to go to the mall?" "I'm tired of you and your brother always using me as your personal ATM machine" he said, " from here on out you're going to have to work for what you get. If you're going to have money for the mall you're going to have to do something for me now suck my dick". The girl didn't want to do it but she really wanted money for the mall so she went ahead and tried it. After a few seconds she said Dad I can't do this your dick taste like s***. He replied, "yes your brother wanted to borrow the car keys earlier".

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