What's your favorite & least favorite luxury brand

What's your favorite luxury brand [depending on how much you like the aesthetics and overall style]?

Also, what's your least favorite?

--By luxury brands, I mean designer [mostly clothes and shoes]

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  • I buy cheap clothes instead, can't afford luxury brands.

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  • I'm afraid I'm not aware of any truly luxury brands. Yeah, I might be a spoiled, sheltered Gen-Xer chick from the suburbs, but I'm not rich enough to know about this stuff.

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  • Luxury brand of what?

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  • Rolex Tudor

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  • Depends what you call a luxury.
    That being said, by my metric - my favourite luxury brand is Cath Kidston or Versace perfumes (they just smell good!) and my least favourite is Supreme. I just don't get Supreme!

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  • Depends on what the "luxury brand" is of.

    I could talk hunter/jumper equestrian "luxury brands" all day, lol. I have several favorites and several I think are massively overrated. I love the old school stuff that is/was made solid and sturdy, stays nice for several years, and will outlive you with proper care and barring a freak accident. Stübben, Courbette, older Crosby, older Beval, Jimmy's/Bennett's, Edgewood/New Cavalry, Hadfield's, etc. are all favorites of mine, whereas I'm pretty disappointed in Vespucci (the quality is pretty low IMO, not at all worth the hype or the price), and am not wildly impressed by most of the trendy French brands such as Antares, CWD, Voltaire, Devoucoux, etc. at their price point. They're just not quite as nice as I would expect at the prices they're sold at, are not durable and look bad/wear out pretty quickly, have a "painted on" finish to the leather I don't like, and the bridles are too floppy and don't hold their shape. I also expected more from Dy'on for the price (also had a "painted on" finish). The Micklem bridles that are super trendy with the jumper and cross country crowd are straight up junk IMO, very plasticky and low quality, and I'm not into PS of Sweden either (don't see the hype, as the quality isn't remarkable and I think they're overpriced).

    When it comes to clothes and such, I'm not sure I'm even aware of very many, much less have any experience with them. I just buy what isn't ridiculously priced, fits well, and is comfortable.

    When it comes to cars, I just like my Ford and don't have a desire for anything fancier. I need a car that gets me from Point A to Point B, and the Ford has been my Old Reliable for many years now.

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  • Jil Sander has had some cool lines over the years.

    Bvlgari has great colognes

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  • I have never liked luxury brands. Ive always felt weird wearing them. My sister has alot of money and all of her stuff has to be designer shit and she got me some clothes that I have never worn because I feel lame wearing them. I think it stems from the rich kids in my highschool that always would only be seen in American Eagle and Abercrombie and it always seemed weird that they're spending more money for the brand. All my clothes come from walmart and they're just as nice. Got levi jeans on right now. $19.99

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  • I like Versace
    I hate Gucci and Louis Vuitton [and most other luxury brands]

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  • i got a pair of zeiss binoculars that retail for about $2k

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    • When I think of binoculars i think of my old boss that would occasionally be seen looking at us through binoculars on the pallet dock when he was like half a mile away. Dude was a trup

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