What's the weirdest thing you saw at work?

For me it was probably the woman who took a dump in the produce aisle and walked away.

How about you?

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  • There was a few weird things that happened when I worked at Wendy's.

    Some guy with a horse trailer attached to his truck let his horse out to take a shit in the parking lot.

    I had to chase a guy off with a monkey wrench because he had his pants & underwear all the way down to his ankles taking a piss on another guy's car.

    Had an Amish family drive up to us in a Hummer.

    And the celebrity look-alikes dear God the look-alikes, I wish I had a phone back then so I could take pictures of them.

    One guy looked just like Slash from Guns'N'Roses.

    Another look like Barry White with a red beard.

    One guy looked like Jaws from James Bond, was just as tall as him (had to duck to get through the door) with the big head, janky teeth & everything only difference was he had a Gray beard.

    One guy looked like mush mouth from fat Albert.

    And one guy looked like an androgynous hybrid between Marilyn Manson & David Bowie.

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  • This weird dude at work used to always casually ask me "what time did you get here?" And also "when are you leaving?". After this went on I thought it was very odd and then one day after he asked me I kind of discreetly followed him, and he walked into a empty trailer and pulled out a notepad and started writing. He was keeping notes of my schedule which was so fuckin creepy.

    This same dude caught a driver who had fell asleep in his truck at work and he took pictures of him and sent it to all the bosses and coworkers in his phone complaining the guy is stealing time. He didnt even know the driver. The bosses tried to fire him many times but he's in the union. He puts off serious serial killer vibes. I always tried to be nice to the guy because I'm convinced hes gonna shoot the place up one day. I moved out of that department just to get away from him. I could go on and on about weird shit he'd do. He's the worst employee you could ever imagine. Its fuckin unreal this guy kept his job.

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  • Clean up on aisle four.

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    • That happened at walgreens when i worked there as a teen. Some girl walked in and sprayed diarrhea on the floor and left. She had a skirt on. Thankfully the manager cleaned it up and didnt make me.

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  • Only one thing comes to mind right at this moment and that was when I was working at an arts and crafts store at easter and we had all of our easter activity kits on display. A man walked past, stopped dead in his tracks, looked in at the easter display and said
    "The Easter.... Eggs" and then broke down in fits of laughter.

    I'm jealous of that man and how hilarious he finds the world.

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  • On cleaning duty when a guy family guy face planted into the ground.

    Like a dozen people went to help and a hospital was a few feet away.

    So I continued with my work.

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  • she was trying to get out of class but trust your gut if you feel you are being watched its because you are

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  • I'm 90% certain my previous employer did drugs in his office. I walked in on the guy with a tourniquet wrapped around his arm. He paid me well, the job was easy, and it wasn't my business so I never said anything about it. Lol.

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  • products falling that really shouldnt have fallen fucking spooks

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  • Probably mexicans/guatamalans poopingin their hands and then returning to work. Not understanding how important it is to wash one's hands and use the toilet properly.

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    • Ive heard these kinds of rumors idk if they were true or not. They use to say the mexicans in the fields would literally just piss on themselves and on the crops when working with no fucks given. Like theyd piss their pants and keep working

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  • Right before the last staff meeting of the year, the guy sitting next to me stood up and announced to everyone that he was gay.

    He said he knew that the one colleague he had told in confidence, had gone and told half the colleagues in the department and that they had all been laughing at him behind his back. He said that the workplace gossip had not apologised, even after he had asked for an apology.

    Once he had finished his speech, the room went awkwardly silent for a long time and nobody said anything. A few people expressed support but nobody apologised, still.

    Then throughout the meeting, some of the colleagues started acting exaggeratedly 'camp' with each other. It was really bizarre.

    This was a meeting between university lecturers.

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  • One night in the supermarket paking lot while rounding up shopping carts a girl was giving a guy a blowjob in a car. They either did notice me watching or didn't care. And boy could she suck his big dick down to his balls.

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  • At my previous job we got a new regional manager a few months before I left, who previous to getting hired at our restaurant was fired from Burger King for theft.

    At one point during this time we had an incident where the cooler where we kept raw meat stopped working. We told him right away and he assured us he'd get it fixed, but after three days of the meat cooler being at room temperature he told us to go ahead and use the meat in there anyways. After hearing this the store manager reported him to HR and the local health department, to which he responded by firing said manager.

    This same guy called me one day a few hours before my shift because he was trying to open the store by himself, and didn't know the alarm code. The whole time I could hear the alarm blaring in the background, and when I arrived for my shift later the alarm was still going off and I had to physically show him how to deactivate it.

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    • Dude I'm sorry theres no way I'm serving spoiled meat at a restaurant. Id definitely lose my job because id tell them we close down or Im calling the cops.

      I dont blame you tho you dont get paid enough but thats disgusting.

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