What's the difference between love and infatuation?

How can you tell when someone is in love vs. infatuated and how can you tell love and infatuation apart?

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  • Infatuation is being in love - and maybe in lust - with a version of a person that you've created in your own head which is idealised and probably bears little resemblance to the target of the infatuation.

    Love is wanting to be with someone even when you know them well and understand they're imperfect, exasperating, occasionally infuriating and sometimes just as damn stupid as you are yourself.

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  • Infatuation is like a crush, it's mostly lust, and obsession.

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  • Infatuation is more of when someone has a crush way too quickly whereas love would take time to love that person.

    There's a huge difference between both of them.

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  • For me, nothing.

    For you humans, a lot apparently.

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  • Love is meeting someone's greatest need.

    Infatuation is them meeting yours.

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