What's going on with my ex?

So we broke up and decided to do the remain friends thing and at one point after he asked me to wait for him to not move on(he broke up with me) then we started getting close again and then he got a new job that he just loved and basically disappeared on me.

Later on we had plans and then he canceled in me 2 hours prior to said plans and that was the final push I needed to stop loving him. (This all started like a year ago) something happened at his job appearantly.

Then I dont hear from him for like a month or 2 and he messages me some inappropriate stuff I got him into while we dating and he's like could I hurt you that much without you loosing affection for me though? And so I told him I didn't love him anymore anyways but yes he could of.

Afterwords he was like oh, said some stuff and was like goodbye wich pissed me off and spammed him with angry messages and he was like I dont think we should be friends anymore and should loose contact with each other entirely he's quitting his job that he loves so much etc. Hes spiraling and I'm not certain what's going on.

He originally broke up with me due to his alcoholism and going to rehab. When we were dating everything was perfect. I was insanley happy with him and now all this I dont know what to think.

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  • I'd not waste my time trying to figure out his behavior. I'd put my efforts into making sure that you never see him again except momentarily by accident in a public place.

    I'd also start looking for someone who is more stable.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • He wanted to keep you around just incase he needed you. He obviously doesn’t. Dude is trash.

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