What's better?

A) You marry a man/woman and you love them and have a ton in common but their family your in laws are crazy and toxic.

B) You marry a man/woman and you love them but don't have much in common but their family is so kind and loving.

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  • I guess it'd depend on how often you'd see their family.

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  • My husband is wonderful and his family is HORRIBLE. We don't see them anymore.

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  • A... My choice on the poll and in real life. Great wife, but her father hates my guts. Her mother likes me, she's really sweet, but her father is a POS!

    Bastard didn't show up for the wedding ceremony in the church... "How can a Bulgarian man (thug, mafia, scum, insert more insults here) marry a British woman?!" Pretty easy, just say "I do" and be a good boyfriend and husband. Anyway, I don't care. I love my wife and I want to make our dream lives a reality and nobody is gonna stop me! Mwahahahaha!

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  • B?


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  • For me, it would depend on whether my partner was equally crazy and toxic, or how they handled situations with their crazy and toxic family. This is hypothetically speaking, as I'm not interested in dating anyone, and am relieved to miss out on dealing with crazy in-laws!

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  • Which situation can best tell me how many angles can dance on a pin head?

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