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So I been seeing a guy for 2 years my hard earn wages go into his back and now he started asking me what I need money for it could be up to £20 and if I spend it he like has a go at me so I told him I open my own back account and putting money in it he went mad

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  • It would be insane to merge/comingle funds if you're not getting married, imo

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  • He's sounds like a narcissistic abuser who is trying to control you, and your money, honey. Dump him! If he lays hands on you have him arrested, press charges and take out a restraining order against him!

    It's NOT his place to tell you anything about your money.

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  • British people of IIN.

    Can someone explain to me the names and values of your currency? I understand pounds is analogous to dollars, and I assume that pence is like our cents. What the hell is quid then?

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  • That sounds like financial abuse to me, your partner not wanting you to access your own earnings is not normal.

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  • I need more details. Is he by chance paying all the rent and bills and then when yall are low on money you go out and blow it?

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