What makes someone a furry

I see people say that simply liking anthropomorphic animals makes one a furry. But does it matter HOW much you like anthropomorphic animals? For example, if you're just a fan of Disney movies which feature anthropomorphic animals, does that make you a furry? What about children. I'd say most children find cartoon animals appealing. Does that make those children furries as well? Just curious.

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  • A furry is just a zoophile who uses anthropomorphization in order to justify their practice of their immoral fetish.

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  • You need to want to wear a fursuit to be a furry.

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  • As a person who has jacked it to furry porn I'm not a furry.

    Being a furry is just another identity that you can have. Just a super weird and socially retarded identity.

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  • I think you have to have a fursona. If you liked a movie about anthropomorphic animals, that doesn’t make you a furry. If you liked the movie and made a fursona, you’re a furry.

    If you’re attracted to animals, you’re a zoophile (nasty), not a furry. If you’re attracted to animals and have a fursona, you’re a piece of shit zoophile AND furry.

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  • Mental illness.

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  • I think its because too many young ppl are spending alot of their time online on video games and twitter. Many of them dont even jerk off to real women but cartoons.

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