What makes being "mysterious" attractive?

On another site, there was a debate about whether or not guys are more attractive if they smile or have a serious look on their face. The people who liked a serious look better said it looked "mysterious", which they find sexy.

As a woman myself, I have no idea what this "mysteriousness" is or what is so attractive about it. I've never really thought about it, myself, but it isn't a turn on or a turn off, I guess. If someone never smiles, I assume they are unfriendly and unapproachable, and don't want me to bother them, so I leave them alone.

So, what exactly does it mean for a guy to be mysterious and what is so attractive about it?

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  • Because your mind can always make someone sexier than what they physically can be. I have no idea what it means to be a mysterious guy but I guess it means that you dont state what you are, as in you dont talk too much so people have to guess who you are.

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  • Not sure tbh, and I don't like dicks. But maybe they wonder if hes kinky or is good in bed?

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  • There's a huge difference between being mysterious and being withdrawn and standoffish. I'm involved with a bloke who's mysterious in that he's not particularly communicative at times, doesn't talk about his feelings much and keeps some parts of his life secret from me.

    I've learned to accept that's just how he is and the intensity of the rest of the relationship is worth it.

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  • It only works if the man has the build for it. If a skinny petite man like Ryan Seacrest does it, it doesn't work. If David Boreanaz does it, then it works.

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