What kind of shoe do i need? 63 yrs. old. barefooter

I've been barefoot a lot for the past 10 yrs. Feet ache when walking barefoot anymore, unless I wear a comfortable shoe? Rockports? New Balance, Nike, or..

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  • I'd imagine sandals to get you started back into the shoe game

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  • It all depends on the shape and spacing of your feet. Different shoe companies use different shaped foot models. It's what fits your feet and what bends where the front of your foot bends.

    My one comment is that if you have wide feet that New Balance tends to have more options for people with wide feet, and many other common brands do not.

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  • I second the sandals idea. They're good for most occasions while also allowing your feet to breathe.

    Otherwise my go to would be New Balance. I'm not a shoe aficionado, but I had a good experience with those.

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