What is your interior decorating style?


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  • Thats the way it's spelled but the o is silent. Look it up. I suggest a google search.

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  • I like minimal clutter and each room should be easy to clean. Everything has its place. Don't really care about the colours, finishes, materials... although I do lean towards light and neutral colours with some bright colourful accents here and there.

    Basically modernist with some DIY (I like to reuse and repurpose stuff).

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  • My style is all about walls and lighting. My walls have got a guitar hanging from a hook, plus my Australian boomerang collection, a poster size photo I took while skiing in Switzerland, an embossed Oriental water color I bought in Hong Kong, a grouping from a trip to Alaska, and a Wine Country poster from Napa Valley California. Got other shit from travels in Spain, Sweden, and England but it's packed away in the basement. Thinking about adding some more junk from diving trips to Belize and Jamaica, but it just doesn't fit.

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  • buncha crap i never uses but looks neat

    mementos from workin in various places

    25 laptops

    furniture i bought unfinished in the late 90s and stained/varnished

    dog toys & dog hair

    tools & equipment

    a filthy couch i sleeps on

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  • Where's Mediterranean villa style?

    I feel like these options are very limited. Interior decorating is limitless. Well, it is until you run out of money at least...

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  • I would say none of the above.. definitely hate clutter but also like a comfortable area with earth tones.. you pick a crazy color and you’re stuck with it unless you like to constantly paint walls. I’m into the tans, grays and lighter walls.. you can constantly change the look of your whole entire room with a few different accessories that you can buy for a good price. Just as long as they don’t clash, you’re good to go. As far as woods, you can never go wrong with cherry or mahogany. They’re timeless and will never go out of style

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  • I just like solid timber furniture. Non of this flat pack shit or color painted shit... I want to see grain and knots in my furniture and I want to smell pine and lacquer.

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  • My room is just nothing but purple and black things from various places.

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  • Ooooo roseisabella is gonna get you for classifying cats with the hoarders

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    • Not the op but I once watched an episode of Hoarders and they found this dead cat under this woman's bed. It was there so long, the cat was all stiff and dried up. There was another in her house that died while chewing on an electrical cord for a lamp. ZAPPP! Like how bad does a person's house have to stink if you can't tell you got a couple dead cats laying around the place?

      Then when they moved the couch , a live opossum ran out from underneath.

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    • I only have one cat, but I wish I had two more, and a dog.

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  • Combination of all of those.

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