What Is The Difference Between Dating And Being In A Relationship

A while ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine asked If I wanted to go on a date with her. I asked if that meant if she wanted a relationship, but she said no. What does that mean? From what I've gathered, dating is just doing things and spending money on them, but not being in a committed relationship. What is this, and is it normal?

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  • You must be young.

    To go on a "date" means to go out for dinner, coffee, a movie, or some other event where the two of you are together for a brief period of time (e.g., a couple of hours), and there is the *possibility* of romantic interest. It doesn't mean anything beyond that, although some people attach a lot more significance to this than others, due to their beliefs.

    To be "dating" is to be regularly going out with a particular woman, as a progression in the process of courtship, but without any kind of commitment. It can also mean that you are actively going on dates with different women.

    A "relationship," in the context of romance, means there is a mutual commitment to continue on seeing one another, or being with one another, for romantic purposes. The level of commitment, and the type of relationship, can vary widely. Examples include occasional f-ck buddy, lover, mistress, casual relationship, temporary relationship, open relationship, exclusive relationship, serious relationship, marriage with children, etc. There is indeed a wide continuum, although the term has traditionally been used to refer to something more than a casual relationship, but less than a marriage.

    The distinction between "dating" and "being in a relationship" can be blurry. But usually the former is a temporary stage while the latter is more enduring.

    If a girl asks you out on a date, it means she is interested in you. But, you shouldn't assume anything more. She can't possibly know if she wants a relationship with you or not because she doesn't know you well enough. She needs to spend time with you in order to make that determination. By asking her, you are forcing her to choose a position--and the only position she can honestly choose is a negative one (because she can't explain all this stuff). It's better if you don't ask.

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  • For me, dating is just like an open relationship where as being in an actual relationship if my guy is trying to be with other girls some bitch is gonna get hit. ^.^

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  • I don't think dating is normal. I've tried it plenty enough times... it's just weird.

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    • I have to agree with you, I don't get the whole 'Let's hang out for a while, and MAYBE I'll want to hang out with you, or do more later' thing. It just seems like most girls I've ever known just used me for a while because they 'just wanted to date', and then they drop the ball adn I never hear from them again.

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  • getting to know eachother if she likes you than maybe itll be a relationship. relax.

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  • Af for her not knowing me well enough, I've known her since middle school, we actually were in a relationship for a short period, and I'm out of highschool, now. And yes, I am young, just weirded out by this gril whose sexuality swings back and forth, like she can't make up her mind. Funny thing is, she'll never admit she's bisexual. Strange... and maybe I'm just weird, but it seems that dating makes things much more difficult than they need to be... why can't they just plainly ask you about yourself? Not that hard. D:

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    • You're basically asking, why can't girls just be straightforward?

      Men have been asking this question for thousands of years. And, nobody has yet come up with a definitive answer. Not even women. Just accept this as normal behavior and learn to deal with it. Some girls are more straightforward than others.

      When her sexuality swings back and forth, be understanding, but stand firm. Girls are attracted to a guy who has a backbone, who is confident, who isn't derailed by her mood swings.

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  • well if the bitch wants you to jus spend money on her tell her to fuck off shes not ur partner so she doesnt get treated as your partner simple she cant have the stuff she chooses in a relationship but not be in a relationship
    thats like saying ok il bet £100 on this poker game but if i loose i just get my money back if i win then i get the money i win

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