What is replacing for craigslist personals?

When the craigslist shut down their personal ads as the sex trafficking, large amount of craigslist singles are seeking the replacement to go on their life. In that period, there are so many news or popular websites posting relevant article:

Also, reddit has more comments for this hot issue:

My question is: do you find the good place for craigslist casual encounters? Write it down.

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  • https://doublelist.com

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  • I remember Craigslist personals. If you placed a serious ad you would get flooded with whores looking for business or get enticed to create a profile on some no name "dating" site that turned out to be fake.

    I read an article discussing some if these sites that hire people who pose as real people and string people along to keep their profiles active. There are others that use AI bots to do the contact and answering for them.

    You're way better to use one of the mainstream sites like MATCH, FRIENDFINDER etc.

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  • Tinder maybe?

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