What is depression

I really dont know what depression really is. But i once was a happy and jolly kid and I feared killing my own self. But nowadays, ideas of me wishing to die in an accident or in sleep is like a prayer now. My family is happy and I love them and I only live for them. Maybe if not for them, I no longer fear suicide. I have a boyfriend, he's good with me too. I had a dream in life but I am trying to reach other goal in life which i dont know if i would be satisfied (reaching my dream seems impossible you see). Im only 23 years old.

I have read depression is like something you cant control and without any much reason. Is it normal i am thinking this way or I have emotional and psychological problem?

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  • I've been there too. I tried to kill myself and got sent to a mental hospital for 2 weeks. Now I'm really glad I did not succeed because everything got better. The same issues are there but you learn to live with them.

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    • Only two weeks? Damn dude that’s some lazy hospital actually. Normally with things like that they keep u there 3 months

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      • 3 months? Christ. The nurse gave me a few rubles for the train and sent me home 2 hours after woke up. Our mental health care isn’t very... up to par... around here.

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        • Damn that’s just cruel
          I mean two hours, u can’t even walk straight again after that amount of time like

          Also there are like a few different districts inside such a Hospital and in one of those u aren’t allowed to leave the area, it’s basically cut off. There are those who aren’t in control of anything anymore, basically what a lot of ppl see as insane. Anyways after trying to commit suicide for the first week or few days ur brought there and a lot of the ppl they know have been so horrified by this, that they fear doing it again, failing and then to be sent there again
          Like the rest of the areas r fine except a few incidences, but scaring one off with that one part is quite a tactic haha. Wasn’t their intention, tho it’s like saying „ aaah u fucker better come here before we have fix the rest of ur body too“

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          • Oh yeah, I was stumbling everywhere and they just suggested I don’t drive for the rest of the day lmao. Went in to work the very next morning and just acted like nothing happened. Whole thing felt like a fever dream and I couldn’t remember the hours leading up to it anyway

            And shit I guess that added level of “threat” can be useful to keep someone alive at the very least but damn, always assumed there was some better way.

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  • I question why suicide is illegal?
    If you kill someone, then they line up to kill you.
    But if you are just willing to die.
    They say its illegal for you to do so.
    Its a complicated world.

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  • Weeeeell yes if u are depressed it is both a psychological and emotional problem dude
    I always recommend therapy. Flush all that shit out. Don’t pretend to be happy it makes it worse. But anyways yeah find somebody to talk to. Yeah and I’d say deal with it soon, one says it takes you as much time to heal, as you’ve dealt with it
    If it really is depression u can’t just get it out on ya own, it stays. Been there, done that, still have em since 8 years and I’m nineteen if we’re writing ages down now🤷🏻‍♀️🕺🏻

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  • I can understand you. Anxiety,insomnia, weakness, dark circles pimples, loneliness are some of the symptoms I have experienced now I'm used to it.. I also wanted to kill myself cause I had no goals.
    But if you try a little depression can be controlled even having one positive thought can change mood for a week. Many people even got stronger than before and became successful like J.K Rowling.
    Good exercise, meditation, having a pet dog cat, natural diet, loving people around ourself will help to get rid of depression from root.
    Having strong self esteem. Positiv thinking, goal, will help you to achieve your dream.
    I recommend read some books on motivation and meditation.
    U can text me anytime for help.

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