What is best and polite way to ask a lady ?

If I love inhaling her butt scent, what's best words to ask about it ,,she will not be angry?

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  • Omg dude, you post about this all the time, lol. Just go up to a girl and say, "hello, m'lady, may I have a sniffero of your arsehole"? She'll fall for you instantly.

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  • Go behind random lady, start inhaling as hard as you can. Think Spongebob sniffing meme, like sucking up all the air on the planet hard! Then let out a big "Aaaaah!!!"

    If she reacts negatively, pull a simpleton look and say "Oopsie poopsie!".

    Good luck getting your ass kicked.

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  • Excuse me maam theres something on your arsehoe. Let me get it with my nose. Take off your panties

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  • How about you stop the butt sniffing first?

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  • By telling her that you have a kink, and see how she reacts to it.

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  • I don't know that there is a polite way. I think maybe meet someone in some kinda kink forum who likes this too?

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