What is a good alternative to outlook mail server?

Where can I get hotmail, gmail, etc.. I have Outlook but I can not receive any mail from hotmail? so what a better alt?

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  • I have no idea why you cannot receive hotmail on outlook. Most people can.

    But, to answer your question; after trying several different ones I settled on Thunderbird as the best and most user friendly version that is available on all common platforms for one of my business emails.

    I keep my business and personal emails separate to prevent confusion problems.

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  • I use Outlook with a Hotmail address. I wonder why it isn't working for you. That's strange!

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure what a better alternative would be. I liked Windows Mail on desktop, but am not sure if it's compatible with Hotmail. My phone's e-mail app isn't my favorite, but works well enough. Worst case scenario, I use Hotmail's site.

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