What is “normal”?

The whole point of this website is to determine what problems are normal, and what are not. However, “normal” can be very subjective and individual. In your opinion, what does it mean for something to be “normal”?

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  • Normal is -

    Having sex once a week with your partner in missionary position through a hole in the bed sheet. ONLY on Valentine's day can things go a little wild.

    Normal is Driving a minivan or SUV, having 2.5 kids, working in an office 9 to 5, going to church on Sunday, living in the suburbs. Befriending grandma on facebook.

    Normal is eating meals on time and having a specific bed time. Quality time with the family. Punishing the kids by taking away their iphone or maybe a "time out" instead of beating their God damn asses.

    Normal is living a good, wholesome, boring life.

    NOW, who the hell wants to live a "normal" life?

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  • Normal.


    1. Conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.
    2. Serving to establish a standard.

    Definition courtesy of www.dictionary.com

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  • Depends lol. Just go with your guyt feeling for rating posts.

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  • I think "normal" is what is common to mankind. However, what is acceptable normal should be whatever is common that does no harm to other people or our environment. Unfortunately, people tend to stigmatize behavior they don't personally enjoy and by doing so, end up doing damage.

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  • Normal is what I consider to be a reasonable spectrum of behavior or thoughts based on my experiences in life but stretched to include behavior or thoughts that seem to be acceptable for others to indulge in, even if I don't understand them or do them myself. Where things cross the line is when thoughts or behaviors seriously infringe on, seriously hurt, or disrupt other people's lives and free will. Most of the stuff I read on this site, even the crazy stuff is normal, but there are some seriously sick and illegal sounding IIN posts here too. To me those are the ones that are not normal. Just look at the votes on some of those other posts and you will get your answers about what is definitely NOT normal

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  • Normal definitely isnt what the majority of people agree on. The majority of people in Germany were supportive of the holocaust. Normal is a gut feeling I think. Thats the best I can describe it anyway.

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    • That means that supporting the Holocaust was normal in Germany. Normal does not mean morally correct.

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    • That’s completely false. Most of the general population didn’t know about the Holocaust.

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  • Like you said is subjective. Just because I do things that I have done for 46 years as a cross dresser to me is normal. One person's normal is another person's "OMG WTF".

    IF YOU ask 12 people in the street their idea of normal, you will probably get 15 different answers.

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  • "Normal" whatever the "norm" follows and what is common.

    It doesn't exist and is an illusion.

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  • OP here. My definition of normal is kind of hard to explain. For many topics, such as sexual desires and thoughts, are very unique to each individual. I therefore call all of these “Normal”. In fact, I think this for many things, besides outright mental illness, physical deformities, etc. The point I'm trying to make is that, in my opinion, there is no “normal” as far as thoughts and feelings are concerned, and no one should be able to decide what is right or wrong for you to think or feel.

    Edit: Whatever the result of this poll is, I will start to use as my basis of judging other posts.

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