What if there are multiple afterlife's

I have been thinking what if there is more then one afterlife.

More then one God like if you believe in Odin you go to the Norse afterlife or if you believe in the Orishas or Native American folklores you go to their afterlife's.

It sounds silly because truthfully I don't think anything happens when you die but even that could be a possibility as a afterlife complete nothingness.

Dose anyone else think this could be a thing or am I a heretic?

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  • I don't care where I go. As long as I get a Mercedes to drive around and Chivas Regal to drink in my spare time, I'll manage.

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  • In my honest opinion, it doesn't matter to the World At Large.

    Your dead and if you think that matters you have an ego problem.

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  • There are multiple reencarnations under the same God. These tours back to life can take around 30 yrs our time. Few back in 8 to 10 yrs.

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  • I believe you are born you live and you die. End of story. Only humans are conceited enough to believe they are the only mammals or any life for that matter to go to an afterlife.

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