What if black holes..

What if instead of being an infinitely dense, infinitely small point in space with immense gravity, black holes were stars that collapsed so powerfully that they turned inside out, and that falling into a black hole is actually falling into the deepest part of a star's core?

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  • I keep meaning to look into the idea of a white hole.

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    • All this talk of black holes and white holes, yet nobody is ready to talk about the deepest, scariest holes of them all. The Asian holes. >:O

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  • Cool.

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  • Think of space as a blanket. Objects with a greater mass distort a blanket like adding a ball would be. A star is like a bowling ball, take that star and put all the mass of the bowling ball into that of a needle. The blanket gets torn but the downward effects of its mass still remain.

    If you "fall" into a black hole you will die of old age before having to experience your molecules being dragged out of you. And most likely cook even before that.

    It's not infinte mass because eventually the black hole will cease to exist do to hawking radiation (pretty much the black hole evaporates) at which point it will probably explode but the time it would take for this to occur is far, far beyond what we would even see.

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  • What the fucking fuck you stoooooopud fuck.

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  • What do you mean what if?

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