What i wanted to say to a panhandling woman with baby

Right in front of the entrance/exit to a grocery store, there was a young woman sitting holding a baby and had a sign that said something like "Please help me and my baby get food and diapers."

I wanted to say "If you used birth control, you wouldn't be in this position." I didn't say it, but is it normal that I wanted to?

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  • It's normal to want to say something like that, but it's best that you hold your tongue just like you did. You can also complain about her to the store manager, or call the cops. Unfortunately a lot of panhandlers aren't even homeless, or destitute, but actually just con artists. For all you know she might have borrowed the baby from a friend, or relative for the purpose of panhandling. I'd be curious as to what would happen if someone refused to give her money, but asked what diapers the baby needed and offered to buy the diapers. Would she gratefully accept the diapers, or would she refuse and demand money?

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    • Borrowing a baby and then asking for baby supplies rather than cash doesn't seem like the most efficient tactic for a panhandler looking for money

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