What exactly do you need to tell your spouse about your past?

Do you have to tell them everything? About past relationships? About childhood trauma? About adulthood trauma? About your criminal past (even if it was expunged)? Your family dysfunction?
And I'm talking about a spouse, as in marriage material. Not a fling.

What do you think, is it normal family?

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  • Anything about yourself that yoi would want your significant other to tell *you*.

    Stalkers, past addictions, health issues, an old criminal record, and finances are a good place to start to be fair.

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  • How and why you murdered your ex would be a good place to start.

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  • Tell your wife you lied about being molested

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  • I’ve told mine everything. I haven’t done anything I’d lie about or keep hidden.

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  • Tell them what you are comfortable sharing. As much as possible is best as stuff like trauma can affect a lot of how you are and coping mechanisms you may have. Especially if they are marriage material.

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