What do you think the character "salad fingers" would smell like?

If the character of Salad fingers had a smell, what do you think he would smell like? (If you don't know who he is, go look it up on youtube or something)
Anyway I'm bored and mainly just curious what people would say.

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  • ranch dressing and croutons

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  • Judging by the state of his house probably mold and grime, but in his world full of of random decaying corpses I doubt many things smell pleasant.

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    • Heyy that's another thing we have in common, my house is full of mould. Although recently it was decorated so now it's not as bad but my room gets the most mould

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  • I've never heard of this cartoon, so i searched it in yt. Now i need to bleach my eyes!

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  • Tinybird you sound obsessed.

    More obsessed as you are with tornadoes.

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