What do you think of boris johnson?

Boris Johnson, you know, the british prime minister with the goofy haircut?

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  • Guy's a moron.

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  • All politicians are crooks.

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  • Johnson can be summed up as lazy, not very bright (and willing to pretend to be even dumber than he is if it benefits him), and an inept manager.

    Johnson's younger sister revealed a while back that part of their family's lore is that, when Boris was asked as a young child what he wanted to be, his response was "world king".

    We all say stupid shit when we're kids, but that pretty neatly sums Johnson up: he's never had much in the way of a solid political philosophy or a clear, consistent vision on how he'd like to change the world, but he's always wanted to be the centre of attention, to receive adulation and be seen as powerful.

    People who worked with him back when he was a journalist knew he was a lazy sod and a habitual liar, and the complete fantasy stories he dreamed up about the evils and stupidity of the EU played a role in promoting that view in the UK. His time as Mayor of London wasn't a total failure, but he made a lot of stupid, very expensive decisions that mean his tenure in that office wasn't the shining success he portrays it as being. During the Brexit referendum campaign, Johnson continually spouted utter drivel, so either he was knowingly lying, or was too self-deluded and ignorant to recognise that he was talking nonsense. The way he's handled Brexit negotiations strongly suggests that he genuinely simply did not understand that the EU was not going to cave and give Britain everything it wanted.

    We're a long way from the dust of the pandemic settling, but from what we know now from leaks inside the government, it's pretty damn clear that Johnson didn't have a clue how to handle any aspect of the problem, and he's still floundering.

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  • At least his flaws are glaringly obvious.

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    • And yet some people adore the dickhead, no matter what he does.

      There's this weird trait of Brits which means lots of them adore those who are totally crap at doing something, totally own it and proudly flaunt their incompetence. That's fine if it's some school kid who constantly plays the fool or some guy with two left feet taking part in a televised dancing competition, but it's so damn stupid to extend that appreciation of ineptitude to national-level politicians.

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  • A politician who doesn’t own a comb is fairly interesting indeed.

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  • If I told you, I'd get a lifetime ban from here for profanity!

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  • he is so cute

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  • I am not an expert on UK politics but he has gotten on my nerves before because he has in the past seemed to cave into the media hysteria about several things. A lot of politicians cave in because the media writes mean stories about their decisions and attacks their character for making a decision they dont want.

    "Boris lifts lock downs he wants the elderly to die!!"

    2 hours later

    "Boris locks back down"

    Fuckin pussies

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  • He's a horrible politician.

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  • From my understanding, none of the world's major politicians are very well liked right now. I don't know enough about Johnson to say anything directly about him though. My pen pal from Wales dislikes him if that's anything to work with

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  • I like him, since he is anti-lockdown.

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