What do you think about the idea of ghosts?

First of all, I do not believe in “ghosts”. A year ago, my wife and 7 year old daughter moved into an apartment in which we currently reside. Months after moving in, I started “seeing” things in the corner of my eye- what appeared to be someone walking past me into another room. It happened frequently enough to get my attention, but I continue to sum it up as exhaustion or tricks of the eye.

I didn’t think much of it and gave it no mind, but one night I put my daughter in bed and she came into the living room crying, clearly shaken, stating she “saw a man walk across the hall into the bathroom”. It was just she and I in the house that night and I never walked to the bathroom, so it made a slight impression on me.

I never mentioned this to my wife because I didn’t want her to mock me, and I didn’t really believe it myself. But then one morning my wife had come home from work (she works over night in the ER), and she woke me up terrified that she saw, what at first she thought, was me standing in the hall staring at her but it was someone else- she said she felt frozen and afraid but it just went away.

It was at this time I shared with her what happened to our daughter.

These sort of things happened intermittently over the past year. There have been times when I put my daughter to bed and see “her” walk past me to the kitchen and I get up to put her back only to find that she is sound asleep in her room.

Tonight we were brushing our teeth in front of the mirror when I thought I saw a figure standing behind us in her room. It only happened for a split second so I didn’t give it much thought. A few moments later my daughter came into the living room with tears in her eyes saying she “saw a man walk toward her closet,” then she saw him again “walk into the kitchen”....

The idea of ghostly beings isn’t something I give much weight to, but after these events I’m left questioning the idea. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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  • You need to go to your county courthouse look up any records on your house and property and who lived there before you. You might just find something.

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  • i find it interesting that the skeptical mind deny the reality of even its own experiences...
    Anyway, for all my studies in the subject, im still not sure exactly what ghosts are. Some might be demons, others might be evil spirits (not, they are not the same thing), and others might be tormented souls of the deseased living. One thing is certain: they are evil. since they are evil is common place to just call them all demons.
    While they cannot physically harm you (at least in 99% or the cases) their goal is to fuck your mind up. The evil energy they leave is like a persistent stink.
    I recommend you moving out of this house, or inviting a priest or something to cleanse the place. You might not care much for it, but your wife and daughters seems to do, and it is probably fucking up their minds already.

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  • I want to lead off by saying I am undecided. If there are ghosts, I have strong reason to doubt they are all people believe them to be. If there aren't, I do believe people are still percieving something.

    Now that that's out of the way, I have had similar experiences.

    My first advice is to look for old electrical panels. Used to get bad feelings from an old clock, then I realized it shared the opposite wall with a breaker box. I still own that clock and have never had a bad feeling since moving it - the wiring likely just sucked in that apartment and was throwing off lots of dangerous signals. Drinking more water (beyond what i thought of as a normal amount) also helped me see less things out of the corner of my eye, our brains are more prone to see things when not hydrated enough.

    My second advice is to always listen to your family. Check the full length of the closet, the hall, the kitchen and anywhere else they've seen this phemonena. Our brains are hardwired to look for patterns to avoid being eaten. Try to remain detached and see if there are particular times it gets worse. Presumably if such an entity exists it would be energy based and doing things to lower ambient levels: Remaining calm, remembering to shut off devices at bed time and giving your brain half an hour off screens before bed to remove harmful artifacts.

    Finally my advice is to realize that if you engage the unknown you should assume nothing. Do research, have a plan and try to stay detached while you work it out.

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  • I've seen them since I was young. They flocked to me like seagulls for some reason, maybe because I could see them. Anyway, they aren't that big of a deal. Every now and then we get a big one and things start moving on their own, but normal ghosts are pretty chill. As long as they aren't doing anything, there's no reason to be afraid. Now if they start pushing or scratching, that's when you need to call someone.

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  • Kids seem to pick up on the paranormal better than adults.

    That being said we used to look after equipment in this really old building. There was this large empty room that I always felt nervous walking through and it was always ice cold (to me) summer or winter. It was later I found out it was once used as a morgue.

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  • Call a priest, and or some paranormal investigators. Ideally ya'll should move.

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  • I think of them as free loaders/cry babies who can't get over the fact that they are dead.

    I also think some are trolls who are just screwing with the living because they have nothing better to do.

    Never dealt with a haunting I know people who claim to have been.

    If I was a ghost I would most likely haunt some living people just to see how they would react to it.

    I would love to be the spirit of _____ because that would be priceless.

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  • I have seen ghosts twice. It was two consecutive nights at approximately the same time each night, same location, and the same ghost each night. It was while I was stopped at a stop sign. I looked left first, then right, at which time I saw him. He was running wildly at my car. I looked left again quickly and when I looked back, he was gone! My heart was pounding so fast I could hardly breathe! The next night, the exact same thing happened! Haven't seen one since then (about two years). I don't do drugs, was not taking any meds, and had not been drinking! I cannot explain it, but swear it was real!

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  • Personally I've always believed, that if ghosts were real, that they'd be a different species entirely. Another species of humans that evolved to have their particles be small enough to pass through objects or dismissible to the human eye.
    Of course I doubt that theory works as they'd need to ingest food and evolution probably can't do that.

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  • I don't believe in ghosts but the universe is a weird place. Who knows what could be happening.

    I've never seen any ghosts but I have felt presences and feelings of being watched.

    I would chalk it up to some kind of hysteria if that were me. The mind can play lots of dirty tricks.

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    • I have to agree as it seems to be the most logical answer. However, it has happened enough that it seems to exceed mere coincidence, which leaves me curious. Also, there have been multiple scenarios in which I think I see something but don’t “advertise” it to anyone else, and then someone else does- almost reinforcing what I previously dismissed.

      Either way, nothing bad has come out of it other than some uneasy feelings.

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  • Only one way to prove the paranormal.

    Go sit on Busby's stoop chair and see if you die within the time the other people have.

    Go to Connecticut and touch Annabel,
    It may involve you breaking her glass case because she is off limits due to apparent deaths she caused.

    Purchase "The hands resist him painting" and also "The crying boy" painting.

    Maybe I myself will do these and a few more out of curiosity. Though I'm aware not all of them have to do with ghosts it would help me make up my decision of the unexplained. As of yet I'm leaning towards skepticism.

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  • Dude! That gave me the creeps! Maybe were you live is haunted! That sort of gave me chill bumps! I 100% believe in ghosts! SO I guess you believe in ghosts too now? If I were your daughter I'd be scared to even move! I'd yell for you to come to my room lol! How old is she? If she's young it's not best for you guys to live there anymore! If she's older you guys could slowly look for another house because you guys could take care of your own selves. But seriously find a new house stat if she's younger than 10!

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