What do you guys think about this?

I don't believe in reincarnation, but sometimes I wonder what would happen if it was proven and became basic knowledge. Sometimes I like to think about that. What do you guys think would happen?

I feel like people would complain ALOT less. Because they would probably assume that they deserve their problems and that they can have a better life next time around.

I think that people would experience jealously a lot less, because they would probably assume that the people who have a better life were just better people in their previous life.

I think that people would be less scared of death.

I think that there would probably also be more suicides, because people will be more likely to end their life if they think that they can get a better life afterwards.

I think that there would be less child molesters, rapists and kidnappers because people would be scared to ruin their next life.

I think there would be a lot less nostalgia about childhood, because people would assume that they will have another childhood.

I think people would worry a lot less about every sort of issue.

I think there would be a lot less depression.

Just some of my thoughts on this subject.

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  • i think about this too its interesting

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  • but suicide is considered bad so wouldnt that effect their next life? i think that even if it were proven they couldn't figure out what would cause your next life to be better or worse so it would all be up to your own beliefs amd ideals. maybe everything would stay the same because people find what they do and think to be ok?

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  • If you are thinking of an afterlife or incarnation.. you aren't really living..
    Ps. - what if this is your 2nd life.. but you just dont know? :)

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