What do you do when your ex keeps texting you

I broke with my girlfriend who stole from my twice and lied about it. I tried to confront but she being childish abd defensive. So I broke with her. We only dated for 7 months.

But she keeps texting back and it’s annoying. I was angry one night from family stress on top of this and deleted her from Facebook. She said it feels like I stabbed her in the heart but “she understands.” And that she’s upset about the causing issues and I was somebody she wished she could spend her life together with. I just blocked her number but feel guilty.

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  • Is this the bitch who stole your mother's medication to get high? Never feel guilty about dumping, and cutting off a thief. I'm glad that you blocked her. You didn't stab her in the heart, she did it to herself! She has freewill, she chose to act a fool. You are better off without her crazy ass.

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  • just don't answer her, whilst you still communicate with her then she thinks she has a chance with you, just cut her off and eventually she will move on, I had the same problem and whilst I kept talking to him he wouldn't leave me alone, after 3 months of ignoring him he got the message so will she.

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  • You did the right thing

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