What do you do when you feel overwhelmed

I feel like shit. I feel like running away. How do i express my frustrations without people knowing or caring about what im about to do.

How do you guys handle anger, sadness and guilt all at the same time.

I just can’t stay on any devices. I need something or else I’d go back on self harm. I have no one right now. I need distractions. God im so pathetic.

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  • scream and cry loudly for a long duration

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  • Cry your eyes out. Then go watch something funny on the t.v. or you tube.

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  • I isolate and think about all the things bothering me. I do not attempt to chase the feelings. I allow myself to be uncomfortable with all the things going on in my head until I just don't give that much shit anymore.

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  • Try breathing exercises and an activity like jogging, or as Bill has already suggested, just draw something. On paper or yourself. Or write something down.

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  • Yeah, you probably are. But one thing you can try is drawing on yourself.

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