What do dreams mean

If I dream about someone, does it mean they're thinking about me?
I keep having weird dreams about someone and I want to know what they mean. They just come from my thoughts and feelings surrounding something, right? They could just be fears of mine, and dreams aren't real. Right? Or are they actually more real than what seems to be real?

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  • Some dreams are designed to help you survive, like those dreams everyone has of being chased or free falling. It gets you in that mindset of do or die

    Other dreams can be your subconscious trying to talk to you. If it's something personal like that I would try to apply it to what seems to connect to you the most. Maybe you missed someone and want to talk to them again? Definitely possible your subconscious could be leading you to try to initiate contact.

    And what a lot of people think is the only capacity for dreams is the possibility it's just your brain giving you a movie to enjoy sleeping. Something emotional like that, thinking about someone you used to know, I wouldn't bet on it being a filler dream.

    Defense mechanisms form when confronting the issue would be more traumatic than developing as a person. Dreams are a great way for your subconscious to try to bridge that gap between what you can't handle and what you need to be healthy.

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  • Whatever you think about comes in your dream. I dream about someone I like almost every night. But I know that person doesn't even know me

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  • its a buncha crazy bullshit

    ignore it and live your awake life

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