What could be the cause of my rib pain?

I went to a doctor for a Biopsy test and now I have been getting a few headaches but not as strong as this painful ache near my bottom right rib and kind of in my back. It feels like period cramps but stronger and tighter and I googled it and it said its because Im pregnant or my period is on its way but I have never had sex and I had my period last week and this is why I hate google because it can be wrong at times. If anyone can give me possible answers it would help me to find a way to stop it. Thanks.

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  • why in the fuck would they do a muscle Biopsy , expensive , invasive , risky as a surgery. and it would miss a correct diagnosis most of the time. A Biopsy is or should be last resort to confirm a diagnosis.

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  • any eye pain as when moving the eyes left and right?

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  • Kidney failure, heart attack, pulled muscle. Best get to a doctor.

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  • Could be muscular...cpuld be an organ...if it is continuing and distressing you, see a doctor.

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