What christian extremists must do

Jesus Christ wasn't actually a radical, but what he did led to radical action. He was far from a radical: gentle, peace-loving, minimalist, loving lambs. How is that extremist?
Christianity gets extremist in a bad way by making rallies, missionary work to stamp out outside evil, and beating up of atheists, heretics, and pagans, killing witches, dying for extreme Christian sects, that's the devil's work.
Then there's the sheer, millenary extremism by millennials, Puritans, and fundamentalist Mormons who don't simply want good, justice and peace but either knock on residents' doors to convert you, give you lollies to lure you in the church, or generally fight and defend the faith and impose their sins on other people, demanding that they be sinless like them.
I do the latter of the three, if I saw the cowboy dicksucker I'd change the channel and demand that this filth get taken off the air, that's why I don't watch movies, I don't want this Satan while I'm watching the news.
So what an extremist Christian must do is defend the faith, be a regalist ruling as king, and attack everything outside of what's appropriate to the faith.

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  • Mormons are actually really nice people.

    Sickens me.

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  • Playing devils advocate for radical christian extremism but what about modern injustices?

    Abortion for example. Very clearly wrong, protesting outside of a clinic hampers no one. When you have a brick and mortar site that is for killing unborn children theres an valid reason why it would be stopped. The radical approach is a bit more visible. Is killing abortion doctors a sin? Thou shall not murder, but killing murders is another conversation entirely, thus a loophole is created. Of course following laws has its virtues ofcourse but if they impede the creation of a new life its contradictory towards the goal of Christian's.

    I suppose the middle ground in that argument is just proclaiming the murder (both prospective mother and doctor) will burn in hell.

    All for throwing words not explosives. Violence solves nothing productively.

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    • Do you really believe abortion should be a sin? It goes without saying that serious rallying of Christian denominations makes it false, so I changed my religion.

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      • I'm not christian so I dont think it's a sin. I just think is objectively wrong and most of the time avoidable.

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  • Let he who is sinless throw the first stone.

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