What can i do duriing my free time ?

I am just asking what can i do during my free time because I spent my whole day doing nothing, just watching movies!!

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  • Obtain and maintain a houseplant collection. Grow plants from seeds under a shoplight.

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  • You ever considered taking some classes in a subject you find interesting? You can meet new people that way.

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  • There are a lot of things you could do with your free time. What kinda stuff are you interested in, OP? 🤓

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  • Apparently some 'hobbies' some weirdos here have is:

    >hiding in clothing racks at stores,
    >collecting their friends' tampons and sniffing at them,
    >hating on their own friends,
    >dating people they're not attracted to just to have a date,
    >kissing girls in front of old men like their school teachers to get a kick out of getting some old fart horny,
    >still hanging out with their school teacher they have the hots for... even after they left school,
    >watching Scooby Doo as an adult and getting offended when people throw them surprised looks,
    >reading what others write in public restrooms,
    >reading what others write on Reddit.

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  • Hacking could potentially be the best investment, but you need to have a very specific personality type to find enjoyable as a leisure activity. Whatever you end up doing, pick something that you genuinely enjoy doing

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  • Exercise your body and mind. I agree with doing some physical exercise. But also read self improvement or educational material on a subject you are interested in.

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  • Combine them all! Masturbate (exercise) on your front porch (outside) with a webcam and find some place to post the video (computer skills) of you being arrested. No more free time problem!

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  • Try to hack webcams.

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  • computing sounds like a great hobby if you are into this type of thing id suggest learning how to code

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