What are ways that i can practice lowering my ego?

Lately, I have found myself becoming more spiritually aware. I see angel numbers constantly and I am overall more positive about most things. I am finding that by doing this, I am able to manifest things that I desire (food especially lol) more fluidly and easily. The one thing that I struggle with is my ego. Even though I am maintaining a positive outlook on life, I still find myself having these random negative thoughts mainly revolving around judging others or thinking I’m more superior than them. I absolutely dread it. I thought I would hop on here and see what other people who have struggled with the same thing do to help with lowering their egos. Also, one of my dear friends who is also very spiritual told me that it could be a test from the universe. What do you think?

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  • Tbf if you can manifest food then you're Jesus, so an ego is deserved.

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  • Ask God to grant you the virtue of Humility, but watch out, because you will end up dealing with a lot of crap that will most certainly try your patience. So you had better pray for Patience, and Perseverance too.

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  • Flirt with reality

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  • When you're dreaming, you feel alive..

    Demonic Voice:

    The truth is so black. Once more, this is the message. Our way of reasoning gives way for our notable hour. This has always been. The light pours over me as I run for cover. They tried to pull me in, but I was already there.


    Oh I had this dream one night I was like lying on my stupid futon couch foldout
    Bed. And it was like really hot it just started summer, and um it was really
    Hot. I had like no fan or anything. I was lying there and I had the weirdest, weirdest, weirdest like nightmare. I had this nightmare where they're like dreams but they're not dreams they're real you know, you feel as though you're alive when you're dreaming, you think you're alive when you're dreaming. I had this dream where this angel was coming up, like up my fire escape because I don't have bars on my windows because I don't believe in bars on my windows. And she was there in my room, I was lying there and she came and she kissed me. And I woke up and I must have cum. Do you believe in angels?

    Demonic voice:


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  • Honestly that's rad, quit judging others tho.

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  • How do you manifest food? I came here to comment that being self confident is a good thing and no one needs to lower their ego but now I just having no idea what’s going on.

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