What are some things you’ve said while sleeptalking?

i’ll go first:

i was hugging a cat plush very tightly and saying in a high-pitched voice: “i’m gonna smother you, little guy”

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  • When I use to be on call at work there was a few times I woke up while on the phone with my dispatch with them saying "you arent making sense" and then id say sorry its 2am you called when im sleeping idk what we been talking about. They say its not unusual for ppl to sleeptalk to them.

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  • I don't recall anyone ever telling me that I talk in my sleep. I've mostly just screamed out in my sleep from nightmares during times of crisis in my life.

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  • I’ve said a bunch of stuff. But in my opinion there’s nothing funnier than something my girlfriend told me her friend said in her sleep
    “Back on the scene!”

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  • There was one time I was really upset with someone in my dream and they were walking away from me, so I kept trying to yell their name and nothing was coming out (you know those dreams in which you try to yell but your voice comes out hoarse and quiet?), and I ended up saying the name out loud and waking myself up!

    I've also been told I've said some weird stuff that made no sense when I was really tired and had just awaken from a really deep sleep, but I don't remember what exactly.

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  • When I was a kid and I slept in my brother's room apparently I said in my sleep, "she's in the van!"
    Apart from that I can't remember any other times, but I do remember him telling us recently that his girlfriend was saying in her sleep, "bring it in, bring it in!" While gesturing towards herself.

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