What age should you first....

What age do you think a child should go to their first concert?
My girl has been wanting to go see some band for some time now, and they are coming to our town.
I've listen to some of there music, it sounds awfully screechy and depressing to me, but who am I to judge?
But after much begging for me to let her go (she will pay for the tickets herself) I am still skeptical. I will go with her of course, but anyway,
What age do you think is right to go to your first proper concert?

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  • depends on the band.

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  • My first concert was at age 12.

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  • I wouldn't recommend going to an Ariana Grande concert anytime soon

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  • my first concert was when i was 10'

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  • Send your 4 year old to see Cannibal Corpse. Good, clean fun for the whole family

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  • I went to my first concert at 18.

    But it really depends. I wanted to go to a Justin Bieber concert (it was a long time ago, don't judge me) when I was about 12, and it seriously would have been a dream come true. But there are things to take into account like traveling and what kind of audience will be there (obviously with Justin Bieber it's highly likely to be other 1 year olds). It also depends on who you go with, how many people etc.

    I don't think there's an actual age for concerts, you have to gauge what other factors need to be taken into account.

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  • If you go with her then it's no question of course go! First one I went alone I was 13

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  • When they want to.
    I haven't ticked an age box because they're irrelevant.

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  • My first concert ever was Duran Duran their Seven and Ragged Tiger tour at the Summit in the spring of 1984, and we were all 14 years old.

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