Weird saudi law about women not driving

I hear that in Saudi Arabia, women aren't allowed to drive. This seems stupid, even by their standards.

Even if a woman is a housewife who takes care of the home and the children, doesn't it fall to her to buy groceries and stuff? If not, who does it? Does the man then have to do more work?

Also, what if the children are sick or need to go somewhere, and the woman's husband or another male relative isn't available to drive her and them?

This rule just seems like an inconvenience to everyone. My own mother was a stay at home housewife, but it was still very important for her to be able to drive.

I think their laws are stupid and pointless for loads of other reasons too.

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  • Islam/Muslim is a totally fucked up religion if that's what you call it. Unless you condone slavery!

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  • It would make Allah/Muhammad mad if a woman so much as farts without her husbands permission.

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  • Saudi Arabia is a shit hole, what do you expect? They murder gay people and violent gang rape is the fault of the person who got raped. Stop looking for logic in their laws.

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  • I thought they repealed that last year?

    Regardless, it's indicative of a backwards, fucked up way of thinking.

    I don't drive, from choice, but I'm glad I have the option to learn if I change my mind.

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    • Better than the situation in Bulgaria... There everyone can drive anything, even if they can't drive it...
      You can just buy a license, even if you are a illiterate retard.

      Want a car license - 200 Euro.
      Want a CDL (truck licese) - 380 Euro.
      Want a bus license - 400 Euro.

      Ex of mine bought her license when I was in 12th grade, before I got my license. We crashed into a parked car. Thank God for airbags... Got outta that one with just bruises and a few cuts.

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      • That's also retarded, but for different reasons.

        What's their logic behind that?

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        • Cops make easy money... They've cut back on buying licenses, cause of EU pressure... As of 2017 you can no longer buy commercial and bus licenses, but it is still possible to buy a car, or motorcycle license.

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  • Its normal, they will cause accidents if they drive.

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  • So no wrecks a all right?

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