Weird or creepy to make eye contact while eating?

I'm weirded out when people make eye contact with me when putting food into their mouth. Especially when their head is tilted down at the plate, but they still look up at me with their eyes, it's creepy af. This is something that happens a lot, not just a couple times at random. One person always does it when I eat with them

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  • You know whats creepier?
    Making eye contact with strangers while pooping.

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  • Don’t have kids. Them fuckers are chomping with their mouths open talking about charmander.

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  • ... like if the person is gnawing on a drumstick whilst staring deeply into your eyes simultaneously. 🤡🍗

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  • I agree. I hate eating with people. It's awkward because you can't talk because you're eating, so then I get nervous because it's too quiet and I try to make some light conversation and then i'm probably being annoying for asking a question to someone who's stuffing their face, and I don't like being observed while I eat or having to stop eating all the time in favour of partaking in conversation.

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  • Don't talk when the person is eating.

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